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Carrying water home from the local well in Mali, Western Africa is the online platform for monitoring government policy commitments and budgets for water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

To ensure accountability, it is crucial to track whether governments are keeping to political commitments made at events like SACOSAN and AfricaSan. makes this easy to do, in real time, and in a collaborative way. Anyone can add analysis, leave comments, and more.

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Please add data to WASHwatch

Update: Check out the new WASHwatch blog at

We want to build a complete picture of national WASH policies, but we need your help!

DISCLAIMER WASHwatch is a tool for sharing our knowledge, but it is NOT the final word - it is always a work in progress.

Please register and 'watch' your country to receive updates, and leave comments about progress in your country.

Anyone can add comments to a country page - to correct analysis or add more information. Register on this page, or Email to be able to edit a country which has no data yet.